Reading Levels

Students will become more critical readers with AMME. Students with poor reading ability can truly benefit from AMME’s “interactive” reading.

Often students who are in your “lower” math classes lack the ability to read well. We feel that it is our responsibility to help these students become better readers, so AMME materials contain three key components which help students learn to become more critical readers.


  1. We use what we call “interactive” reading. The writing is broken down into small chunks and students are often asked to fill in blanks or answer questions to test their comprehension of each part. The following is an excerpt from unit 1.
  2. We often use checklists. Students are asked to check off when they have completed a step. It really helps them to keep organized and teaches them how to follow directions. Below is clip from an activity in which students are matting a photo for framing.
  3. Finally, we have an entire unit on what we call the “Label Method.” If you took science classes perhaps you called it “dimensional analysis.” We have broken down the “Label Method” into four simple steps which allows the poorest readers to become mathematical problem solvers.

    Teachers of students with learning disabilities rave about the “Label Method” because it gives their students a method to attack a problem by looking for critical words in the problem.

See for yourself.

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What People Are Saying

Real Success

We are having real success with the upper classmen that were on their last legs to pass a math class before they can graduate.

Rich Reynolds, Huntsville, IL

What a treat!

I love this stuff. What a treat! They don’t ask ‘When are we going to use this stuff?’ Parents like it, too.

Dave Bucholz, New Lisbon, WI

AMME Gives Hope

What I have found is AMME gives hope to students who perceive themselves as not being able to do math. It takes the steps simply and understandably for any student. I’m hoping to keep teaching the AMME curriculum. I really do love it.

Donna Kelly

I Really Liked the Curriculum...

I used the AMME program for several years for 9th-12th graders and was very pleased with it. Students in the AMME track did almost as well as students in the Algebra track on the state-wide math proficiency test given in the 10th grade… As a teacher, I really like the curriculum – it was easy to get into and fun to do the lessons.

Judith Higginbotham

Students with Learning Disabilities

“This material is excellent. I teach students with Learning Disabilities and because you have provided a lot of hands on labs and easy step by step instructions my students have been successful. I think this material would be an excellent market for students with Disabilities. Just something to think about.”

Mark Heck, Ashwaubenon High School

This material is excellent!

This material is excellent! I teach students with Learning Disabilities and because you have provided a lot of hands-on labs and easy step-by-step instructions, my students have been successful.

Tina H. Marshall, Lumpkin County High School, GA

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