Are you looking to prepare your weakest students with Algebra and Geometry?

AMME can help!

AMME (pronounced “aim”) stands for Applied Math Made Easy. AMME is a two-year high school program written by classroom teachers who understand the challenges you face in helping “reluctant” learners succeed in math.

Applied Math Made Easy

AMME is the most teacher-friendly applied math course available; loaded with hands-on activities! We help the “lower 50%” reach high school math standards.

Brain research supports AMME’s hands-on approach.

Applied math helps students to retain what they have been taught by storing these concepts in their long-term memory.

Traditional math versus AMME.

When traditional mathematical concepts are altered to meet the needs of kinesthetic and visual learners, great growth can take place.

Prepare students for new state standards.

For the “non-traditional” student to succeed in math, you must present materials to them in a way they can learn. AMME’s materials will help you do that.

Boost your students' self-confidence.

When math is taught to a student’s strengths, they usually do much better, resulting in greater self-confidence.

Learn why so many schools are switching to AMME.

The real-life hands-on applications used in AMME’s materials help enhance students’ problem solving skills, encourage them to continue their math education, and help prepare them to reach state and national standards.

What People Are Saying

This material is excellent!

This material is excellent! I teach students with Learning Disabilities and because you have provided a lot of hands-on labs and easy step-by-step instructions, my students have been successful.

Tina H. Marshall, Lumpkin County High School, GA

Real Success

We are having real success with the upper classmen that were on their last legs to pass a math class before they can graduate.

Rich Reynolds, Huntsville, IL

What a treat!

I love this stuff. What a treat! They don’t ask ‘When are we going to use this stuff?’ Parents like it, too.

Dave Bucholz, New Lisbon, WI

AMME Gives Hope

What I have found is AMME gives hope to students who perceive themselves as not being able to do math. It takes the steps simply and understandably for any student. I’m hoping to keep teaching the AMME curriculum. I really do love it.

Donna Kelly

I Really Liked the Curriculum...

I used the AMME program for several years for 9th-12th graders and was very pleased with it. Students in the AMME track did almost as well as students in the Algebra track on the state-wide math proficiency test given in the 10th grade… As a teacher, I really like the curriculum – it was easy to get into and fun to do the lessons.

Judith Higginbotham

Students with Learning Disabilities

“This material is excellent. I teach students with Learning Disabilities and because you have provided a lot of hands on labs and easy step by step instructions my students have been successful. I think this material would be an excellent market for students with Disabilities. Just something to think about.”

Mark Heck, Ashwaubenon High School

Release Your Students’ Potential!

We’ve learned that 75% of all “reluctant learners” are hands-on, kinesthetic learners.
AMME Applied Math gives you the power to reach those students.

FREE Classroom Activities

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FREE Unit 21 – "Double or Nothing"

We are offering Unit 21, “Double or Nothing” FREE with the purchase of Courses I & II. A $279 value!

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