Learning Styles

Think about this:

A person asks you what you do for a living, and you respond, “I’m a math teacher.”

What is the reaction you most often get?

-The one we hear most often is…

“Oh, I was never good at math.”

That response often caught us off guard because we view these people as successful, intelligent people. Why do they feel they aren’t good at math?

It has now become clear to us that these intelligent people struggled in math only because of the way they learn. We’re sure you have seen many students who did very well in Algebra, but struggled in Geometry and also the other way around. It has to do with learning styles.

We’ve learned that 75% of all “reluctant learners” are hands-on, kinesthetic learners. AMME Applied Math gives you the power to reach those students.

At the beginning of each school year, many of the students we start with are “very reluctant learners.” Yet we know that with AMME’s help, around the end of the first semester, our students start to understand that they, too, can learn math and are intelligent. During the next semester that growth is accelerated, and in the second year, these students often out-perform traditionally tracked students in problem-solving and communicating.

AMME uses visuals and hands-on learning so that you can reach more of your students. We give you the tools and techniques to reach many students whom you may not have been able to while using only a traditional curriculum.

See for yourself.

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What People Are Saying

This material is excellent!

This material is excellent! I teach students with Learning Disabilities and because you have provided a lot of hands-on labs and easy step-by-step instructions, my students have been successful.

Tina H. Marshall, Lumpkin County High School, GA

Real Success

We are having real success with the upper classmen that were on their last legs to pass a math class before they can graduate.

Rich Reynolds, Huntsville, IL

What a treat!

I love this stuff. What a treat! They don’t ask ‘When are we going to use this stuff?’ Parents like it, too.

Dave Bucholz, New Lisbon, WI

AMME Gives Hope

What I have found is AMME gives hope to students who perceive themselves as not being able to do math. It takes the steps simply and understandably for any student. I’m hoping to keep teaching the AMME curriculum. I really do love it.

Donna Kelly

I Really Liked the Curriculum...

I used the AMME program for several years for 9th-12th graders and was very pleased with it. Students in the AMME track did almost as well as students in the Algebra track on the state-wide math proficiency test given in the 10th grade… As a teacher, I really like the curriculum – it was easy to get into and fun to do the lessons.

Judith Higginbotham

Students with Learning Disabilities

“This material is excellent. I teach students with Learning Disabilities and because you have provided a lot of hands on labs and easy step by step instructions my students have been successful. I think this material would be an excellent market for students with Disabilities. Just something to think about.”

Mark Heck, Ashwaubenon High School

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