Inexpensive Supplies

 AMME works within your budget.

If you want to have a true applied math program that allows students to experience mathematics, students must do hands-on activities or labs. But nobody said they had to be expensive or hard to set up.

The authors of AMME had to work under tight budgets in their school districts. So when new labs and activities are created, the supplies have to be inexpensive and easy-to-obtain. We often use household items as well as supplies that could be borrowed from other departments.

For example, when we wanted students to understand an application of slope as well as work on their problem solving skills, we had each student build a set of stairs. The stairs were not made from boards and cut with saws, but rather built out of card stock paper and cut with a scissors. If you download a sample packet, you will see many other labs which will be easy to obtain.

Here is a list of the most important supplies to have during the year.


  • three hole paper punch (unless your school copier does this)
  • large scissors
  • 10 to 20 meter fiberglass measuring tapes
  • stopwatches
  • plastic 100 ml graduated cylinder
  • funnels
  • meter sticks
  • glue sticks
  • metric scales / balances – which can be borrowed from the science department


We require our students to buy these items and bring them to class each day:

  • Three-ring binder (1-2″) – This is very important to help students’ keep papers organized.
  • Twelve inch English / Metric ruler
  • Scientific calculator
  • Plastic zippered pocket that clips into the binder’s rings to hold the pencils and calculator.

What People Are Saying

This material is excellent!

This material is excellent! I teach students with Learning Disabilities and because you have provided a lot of hands-on labs and easy step-by-step instructions, my students have been successful.

Tina H. Marshall, Lumpkin County High School, GA

Real Success

We are having real success with the upper classmen that were on their last legs to pass a math class before they can graduate.

Rich Reynolds, Huntsville, IL

What a treat!

I love this stuff. What a treat! They don’t ask ‘When are we going to use this stuff?’ Parents like it, too.

Dave Bucholz, New Lisbon, WI

AMME Gives Hope

What I have found is AMME gives hope to students who perceive themselves as not being able to do math. It takes the steps simply and understandably for any student. I’m hoping to keep teaching the AMME curriculum. I really do love it.

Donna Kelly

I Really Liked the Curriculum...

I used the AMME program for several years for 9th-12th graders and was very pleased with it. Students in the AMME track did almost as well as students in the Algebra track on the state-wide math proficiency test given in the 10th grade… As a teacher, I really like the curriculum – it was easy to get into and fun to do the lessons.

Judith Higginbotham

Students with Learning Disabilities

“This material is excellent. I teach students with Learning Disabilities and because you have provided a lot of hands on labs and easy step by step instructions my students have been successful. I think this material would be an excellent market for students with Disabilities. Just something to think about.”

Mark Heck, Ashwaubenon High School

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